With no pension or 401k to support their retirement what do the spawns of hell do when they are tired of working?
They move to Seattle disguised as the most feared dog breed known to man: The toy poodle.


Issue #1:

obraticus and Rosamundian have been enjoying the good life for a few years.
They spend most of their day sleeping in a nice condo with servants that happily give them food, toys and whatever else they desire. However Regional Supervisor Lord Fluffcakes is unhappy with them. They are not meeting their soul quotas and his patience is wearing thin.


Issue #2:

obraticus and Rosamundian know that Lord Fluffcakes will return one day. So even though the weather is not cooperating; their hunt for souls continue on the Seattle bus system.



Issue #3:

It might just be the last sunny day of the year in Seattle, so Tych
obraticus and Rosamundian figure that makes it a good day to hunt for souls in Fremont.


Issue #4:

The long awaited Christmas Special. What do you get a demon possessed stuffed squirrel for Christmas!


Issue #5:

When Rosamundian and Tychobraticus hear Satan is heading to a comic book convention to make some "deals", they fear their servent might be tempted by fame or mone.
They go to rescue her.